Smart Bed Mattress

Foam decompression time frame

Please allow 30-60 minutes for full expansion. In order to ship your Personal Comfort mattress efficiently, we roll and compress some of the foam components of your mattress.

Mattress slopes to the edge or to the middle

This is generally caused by air chambers that are misplaced or misaligned. You may need to reposition your air chambers. To do so, deflate your mattress to approximately half capacity. Unzip the cover assembly to expose the air chambers and reposition them toward the middle by pushing them together. Make sure they are not constricted by any other foam pieces as well. They should have a very snug fit when properly aligned.

Bulges, or lumps, across the mattress after assembly

Sometimes, the comfort layers will get hung up on each other, so you may need to readjust them. Please unzip your top panel mattress cover to expose your comfort layers. Readjust the comfort layers so there is an even distribution of material over your mattress. You may have to completely remove them to reposition properly.

One side of mattress is losing air throughout the night

You should not be experiencing any air loss from your mattress. In the rare event that a component may cause a leak, you are covered by the 25-year limited warranty. To start diagnosing the issue, please check all connections between the air chambers and the air control unit. Disconnect each fitting and examine the black O-ring for any damage. Lubricate with a non-petroleum based lubricant, like mineral oil or vegetable oil (DO NOT USE VASELINE). Reconnect the fittings and make sure you hear a “click” sound when the fitting is secured.

To help identify whether the leak is caused by a defective air chamber or air control unit, try switching the hose connections at the air control unit. Re-inflate the mattress and take note of which side of the bed (air chamber) deflates over time (please note: it may take a full sleep cycle to determine where the leak resides). If the leak switched to the other side of the mattress (other air chamber), your air control unit may need to be repaired or replaced. If the leak stayed on the same side of the mattress, your air chamber and/or fitting may need to be repaired/replaced.

Body impressions versus under inflation

Want your mattress to look crisp and new after you get out of bed in the morning? Simply inflate your mattress to the maximum limit on your controller. If you still feel that your mattress has a body impression and you have fully inflated your mattress, please check for leaks (see above). If there are no leaks, you may want to unzip and remove the top panel mattress cover and realign the comfort layers (see above), then redistribute the material where you're experiencing the body impression. Compression over time is considered normal wear (please refer to the 25-year limited warranty regarding foam compression).

“New car smell” new fabric and material odors

If you're sensitive to smells and notice a “new car smell” coming from the mattress, this is normal. Your product is a brand new mattress and may have a smell similar to that of a new car. This will fade over time. You may wish to unzip your center and/or top panels and let your mattress air out during the day when it’s not in use. After a few days, the “new car smell” will dissipate.

Mattress feels like it is losing air

Disconnect your air control unit from your surge protector. Wait for 30 seconds and plug your air control unit back into the surge protector. Then follow the same steps as listed above.

Remote Control And Air Control Unit

Only one side of air control unit is inflating

If you're setting up your bed for the first time and notice that only one side of the air control unit seems to be inflating, then it’s very likely that the Remote control or the air control unit may have been damage during shipping. Although this is very unlikely, it still can happen. We do not own the shipping company and cannot control how they handle your new product. They do the best they can to prevent damage and we hope that you receive a mattress in perfect working order. In the rare event that this happens, there's a quick fix to get your bed inflated in order to begin sleeping on your new mattress.

Determine which side is pushing out air by simply adjusting the Remote control to a higher number. Air will begin to come out of the side of the air control unit that is working. Please use the working side of your air control unit to fill up both chambers. Note: you will have to disconnect the chamber from the air control unit when complete before you can fill up the other chamber. You can then find a good setting and set both sides where you feel is most comfortable.

After you have properly inflated the mattress and found an acceptable setting, we recommend completely unhooking and removing power to the defective air control unit. Please contact our warranty service department after you have completed this quick fix so you can have a replacement part sent out.

Changes and fluctuations of a smart bed sleep setting

Some slight fluctuations in your sleep setting are normal. For accuracy, always set your sleep setting while you are lying in bed. Temperature changes and atmospheric changes may slightly affect your sleep setting.

Air control unit doesn’t turn on or has stopped working

Make sure you have power to your surge protector and to your air control unit system. Check to see if the surge protector is plugged into an outlet that has power and not connected to an on/off wall switch. If the electrical outlet is controlled by a switch, make sure the switch is in the ON position. To verify that your air control unit system has power, the Remote control units must be plugged into the air control unit system. Once under power, the Remote controls will turn on. If the air control unit system still does not turn on, please contact customer service department.

Remote control displays do not turn on or are not working

Make sure you have power to your surge protector and to your air control unit system. Make sure that the power cord is completely inserted in the receptacle on the back of the air control unit. Make sure you have new batteries installed into the remote control.

No inflation when air control unit is functioning

Check all hoses from the air control unit to the mattress air chambers for any kinks, twists, or other airflow restrictions. Disconnect each fitting and examine the black O-ring for any damage. Lubricate with a non-petroleum based lubricant like mineral oil or vegetable oil (DO NOT USE VASELINE). Reconnect the fittings and make sure you hear a “click” sound when the fitting is secured.

Power outage and mattress functionality

In the event of a power outage, your air chambers should remain full and your mattress should stay at the same sleep setting. Once you regain power, you may need to reset your air control unit by unplugging it from the surge protector, waiting 30 seconds, and reconnecting to reset the system.

Power outage and Remote control memory settings

In the event of a power outage, your Remote controls will still remember your memory settings after you have regained power.

Smart bed sleep setting “deflates” or lowers during use

The air control unit system is run by software to control the way in which the air control unit inflates and deflates your air chambers. If the software seems not to react properly to your commands, there is a good chance that your air control unit has to perform a power cycle. This is very similar to restarting your computer when things start acting up. We recommend that you unplug your air control unit from your surge protector, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in to reset the system.