Become a Bedfellow

$100 For You, $100 For Them

Help spread the word! Refer a "Bedfellow" to Personal Comfort and receive up to $100 in-store credit to be used on future purchases of $1,000 or more. The "Bedfellow" you referred also gets up to $100 in-store credit to be used on their first purchase of $1,000 or more.

Bedfellow Reward Points

The Bedfellow Reward Points are awarded based on making purchases. 1 Bedfellow point is earned for every $1 spent. Bedfellows can redeem their points when they purchase new products. Every 100 Bedfellow Point = $1. Please login to view Bedfellow Points summary.

Bedfellow Special Offers

$500 off Smart Bed set with Power-Flex 4 - offer by phone only.

$100 off your next mattress over $1,000 or more - offer by phone only.

*Bedfellow offers cannot be combined.