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"...I think the quality and performance is easily as good or better than Sleep Number."

We have had our Personal Comfort California King bed for 5 years now, and absolutely love it. I was dubious that it could compete with Sleep Number bed for the price, but I think the quality and performance is easily as good or better than Sleep Number. We have adjustable bed frames, which make it even better, since you can sit up in bed, or sleep with your head slightly elevated. I am happy to give a 5 star rating to Personal Comfort. I am pleased with our purchase when I lay down each night and when I wake up each morning.

Cory and Mary - Wayzata, MN

"...I will sum it up with one word AWESOME."

I love my personal comfort bed I owned a sleep number bed for 7 Year’s that I bought because of my back that I got hurt while I was in the army among other things but I got the sleep number mainly for my back but I could never find a good number for a good night sleep and feel good in the morning and then I seen PERSONAL NUMBER on the web and I clicked on the web sight and talked to Liam and he helped me find a bed that would help my sleep at night I got the H12 and I love it I sleep better and feel better better and my back doesn’t hurt as bad when I get up in the morning I will sum it up with one word AWESOME.

I want to thank you Liam and your staff for your help and service.

Thank you again

Mike - Tonawanda, NY

"I highly recommend Personal Comfort and am very thankful that I purchased this product."

I purchased a Split-King Personal Comfort Flex 3 Basic Adjustable Bed back in July (2018). The reason why I purchased this bed was due to the fact my 83-year-old husband would cry out in pain every single morning after sleeping on a higher end pillow top mattress we had purchased several years ago. I hoped the Personal Comfort Bed would help and I counted the days until it was delivered. It was breaking my heart seeing him go through such discomfort every single morning. On the morning our new Personal Comfort Bed was due to be delivered I started to have buyer’s remorse. By then I had convinced myself the purchase would be just a lot of money poured down the drain and no real relief for my husband. Boy, was I wrong! That very first night we both slept like babies! It’s now November, and I’m even more thrilled to report that not once has my husband woken up with any back pain since we received the Personal Comfort Bed.

I highly recommend Personal Comfort and am very thankful that I purchased this product.

Thank you again

Kathy - Moorestown, NJ

"...40, which feels slightly firm, but at that setting there is zero back pain."

We’ve had our new bed a few weeks now and are very happy with it. First, ordering on the phone was a pleasant experience and your sales person (Kathy) seemed to know a lot about the product. Second, the bed came faster than expected---only about a week after calling. The bed was not hard at all to assemble. I watched the video before the bed came and also had it on a computer during the process. It took me about 75 minutes from beginning to end, but I watched and paused the video and went very slow. I didn’t want to find out I put something together wrong after I was done. Finding the correct setting was not real easy for us. My wife is very fussy about pillows, beds, etc. She found a good setting after about 3 nights and pretty much leaves it there. Me, however, am a different story. I have a herniated disc I have been living with for almost 18 months. The settings where the bed feels soft and supportive at the beginning of the night seem to cause a lot of pain after about 4 hours. I have found I have to pump the mattress up to over 40, which feels slightly firm, but at that setting there is zero back pain. My back has good and bad days, and I use the memory settings for this. So far, I seem to be dialing it in. The great part is none of this would have been possible with a normal mattress, and getting a firm mattress would never work with my wife on the other side. Another thing to keep in mind on settings is that they change if you move your position, so if you lie on your back to set the number then sleep on your side it might be a different number. It all requires some patience, basically.

I will (and have already) happily recommend a Personal Comfort mattress to others. Actually, I recommended one buddy go to the other company’s store and test out the concept and if he likes it order it from you and save some serious money.

Someday I may try out your Bluetooth app if only to mess with my wife from another room. The controllers you provide are great and all I need.

Mike - Bethlehem, PA

"You all made my experience and purchase perfect!"

I waited for years before I finally went to the air adjustable frame bed. I assumed that owning Serta mattresses and beds that cost well into the thousands was the choice that would provide the very best sleep. Well, I discovered, traditional mattresses are NOT for everyone!!!

My new bed is indescribably perfect. I have not slept SO SOUND in years. Last night I actually laid in bed for 10 hours without having an aching back nor throbbing hips. The adjustable features of the mattress and frame allow me to take the pressure off my tender spots and sleep like a baby.

Was the purchase process perfect? Well, no. We had a few hiccups with the shipping process, BUT PERSONAL COMFORT stepped up to the plate, provided attentive personal service, continuous contact with me from multiple specialists, and provided a generous solution that made me the consumer extremely satisfied.

Not only am I a firm believer in this bed, but the customer service of PERSONAL COMFORT was over the top with kindness and generosity. I would whole heartedly recommend this company and this line of beds. Thank you Letha, Shawna Lynn, Chelsea, Dee, and Nathan James. You all made my experience and purchase perfect!!!!!

Lynn - Camarillo, CA

"I saved $3,500!"

I have been with sleep number for about 15yrs and finally decided to upgrade. I looked around and found the bed I wanted but it was just under $11,000 for everything and I didn’t want to settle. So I looked and looked and stumbled a crossed the Personal Comfort beds, after reading everything they had, comparing them to the sleep number beds and watching all the videos I could find at YouTube I finally decided to take a chance!

I saved $3,500! I spent just about $7,500 for everything we wanted (adjustable message split king with everything) we had a little communication issues but customer service made it up so that was very cool. We received the bed in September of 2016 and it’s been the BEST BED period!

It’s every bit as good as the Sleep Number beds and lot cheaper, I recommend it to everyone I know that’s looking for a bed. So if your trying to decide on an air bed you need to get one of the Personal Comfort beds they are cheaper but they are every bit as good if not better then sleep number...paying more for something doesn’t always mean it’s better!!!

Gary - Leavenworth, KS

"No way would I go back to a regular mattress."

For years I was waking up with terrible back pain. I thought I had a top of the line mattress before but after reading about the medical technology behind the Personal Comfort Bed, I decided to give it a try

I’ve had my Silver SLe from the Elegance series for about 6 months now. To be honest, the first couple of months I wasn’t a fan. Then right around the three month mark, I noticed I was (mostly) sleeping through the night and not waking up as achy as before. My digital number started at 24. I am now at a 14 and sleeping better than ever. I think it takes the bed time to get used to you. I like to think of it as Siri on my phone. It took her awhile to get used to my voice before my texts made sense, and now that my bed is used to my weight, the room temperature, etc….it seems to know what I need before I do.

Sleeping better kind of sneaks up on you. It’s not an immediate thing, but so worth it the first time you get up and suddenly notice that you’re not in pain anymore.

No way would I go back to a regular mattress.

Tracy - Winter Garden, FL

"Every night sleep is like being on a cloud."

We looked for a long time at many sleep number beds. I ran across the personal comfort data and began researching this bed and company. Let me begin by saying that the customer service department is EXCELLENT. My sales person was very helpful in answering all my questions and telling me what bed would be right for us. They did not push the higher priced bed but the bed that fit our needs. Shipment was quick and on time. Bed setup was very easy and instructions were easy to follow. Now to the best part, the sleep test, OMG. We were very, very pleased with how plush and comfortable this bed was even on the very first night. Every night sleep is like being on a cloud. We don't wake up with aches or pains. I wish I would have found this bed along time ago. Don't look any further for a sleep number bed because Personal Comfort is the one you need.

Pamela - Enid, OK

" far I am impressed with quality and feel."

I was skeptical with a non-traditional purchase so I began extensive internet research on air adjustable beds. I checked all the available manufacturers, studied all the different features, pricing, talked to different sales people with each manufacturer and read through countless testimonials. So, I decided to purchase a Personal Comfort bed (A8) based on these factors: Positive experience with sales consultant, Quality of materials and workmanship and Price. I received my bed (A8) and it was fairly easy to assemble. The controls are pretty straight forward. The comfort level was nice and I was impressed with the feel of the bed. The instant comfort system seems very sensitive, varies to body weight and temperature. The only “negative” and it is slight, is that the comfort system is a bit noisy but not extreme. Most industry reviews state this as an issue with all manufacturers. I don’t think it’s too bad. As I assembled the bed, I noticed the quality of the components: dense foams and quality cover. Even better, you can customize or replace components very easily. I really value this feature. I haven’t had my bed long, but so far I am impressed with quality and feel. The sales specialist and customer service has been great to work with. I highly suggest people looking at all options before making a purchase. When you do, you will find that Personal Comfort will be a great investment and you don’t have to overspend with the “other” manufacturers.

Jeff - Oklahoma City, OK

"I urge anyone looking at the air mattress beds to make the jump and purchase a Personal Comfort bed."

I purchased the Personal Comfort A8 King size bed after doing research on the best air mattress bed. I like that the Personal Comfort Bed components are upgradeable. I like that the upper mattress sections can be opened and inspected and the foam replaced if needed. I also found that the Personal Comfort beds were a good value in comparison to the other choices. I ordered the bed and it arrived within one week. I did find that the inner air mattresses did smell of rubber. I removed both units from the plastic and aired the units outside in the shade for 24 hours. The smell was very minor and after I assembled the bed there was no linger smell of rubber. My wife has serious allergies and she did not notice a smell. The bed is very comfortable and we both are able to sleep well on it. I urge anyone looking at the air mattress beds to make the jump and purchase a Personal Comfort bed.

I had previously owned a Select Comfort Bed 4000 that I purchased in 2004. The Select Comfort bed was a good choice at first because it is adjustable and allowed me to have a good night sleep. As time went on the sealed foam top cover became worn and I had replaced the side rails twice. I decided it was time to upgrade and go with a sleep system that has more upgrade options and a better value. After the arrival of the Personal Comfort Bed I took the Select Comfort bed apart and found black mold on the air chambers. I cut the pillow top open since I was unable to inspect since it does not open. I found heavy black mold inside this section. I very angry about this and the whole unit was put inside plastic bags and left at the curb for the trash.

Tom - Seminole, FL

"...I would recommend your mattress to anyone."

My wife and I are experiencing a better nights sleep. My wife sleeps like a baby and I sleep better than I did with an expensive national brand, pillow top, inner spring mattress. Our preferred settings are 30 for my wife and 43 for me. I have an age/weight issue and used to sleep on a water mattress, then tried a good innerspring and now the Personal Comfort air mattress bed, and yours is by far the most comfortable for me and back issues I have had

Set up went fairly smooth and it didn't take long to fill and start adjusting the settings to our individual needs. Having a solid back/headboard from an old waterbed set made for a few challenges for the tube routing and pump placement, but we prevailed and all is well with the world

The negative comments I read online about the noisy compressor were over blown, although a touch loud on initial set-up, once the mattress was filled, the system is so airtight, that I only make a little adjustment (lasting seconds) about once every two weeks. I was concerned that it would kick on during the night and wake me but that is not the case for anyone that has that concern, you make your adjustment during the day.

All that being said, I would recommend your mattress to anyone. Thanks for a great product.

Richard B. - Edgewater, FL

"...Personal Comfort more than earned their 5 star rating..."

My wife and I had another amazing night’s sleep. We’ve had our Personal Comfort bed for 6 weeks. This was our experience with them. The company educates you about their products so that you can make good decisions to fit your needs. From purchase to delivery they were just plain awesome. The setup was by them, they showed up on time, were quick & professional. They even put on shoe covers while in the house. They showed us how things work (no need to read the manual as the system is intuitive). Best of all when finished nothing to clean up afterward.

The bed deserves some special comments. It’s comfortable. It’s easy to use and quick to learn which settings I like and my wife has hers. She particularly likes the zero-gravity setting and the massage cycle. It’s fully adjustable to either’s liking and can be independent of the others side if desired. I like that the mattress separation is small and only runs half way down so you can still cuddle if you wish.

If you're looking for a new comfortable bed you should give serious consideration to this bed. The deeper you look the better quality materials, operation and experience you’ll find. Overall, Personal Comfort more than earned their 5 star rating from us.

Dean & Kathy - Orlando, FL

"Me and my wife sleep a lot better..."

Great bed so far. Me and my wife sleep a lot better than on my i8 sleep number bed. The White glove service was great and they set up the bed real quick. Could not be happier with my new bed. Thank you and you also have a great sales force

Larry and Janet - New Tripoli, PA

" not hesitate to order one. You won't regret it."

The day after Christmas two large boxes arrived and inside was the bed we ordered. The packaging was very good and each item was easily identifiable. I laid the pieces out to not only expand but also to help lose their smell. The air bladders had the same smell we had to eliminate also in our old Sleep Number bed. Four applications of Fabreeze eliminated the smell completely by the next morning. Our son came over the next day to help set up the new mattress. Thirty minutes later, it was ready for the sheets. Setup was a breeze with everything going together as instructed.

The mattress we got rid of was not the sleep number, but one after that. It was a POS.

I have 7 discs fused and that mattress kept sinking more and more to the point I would be woken up with severe pain just 2 to 3 hours after going to sleep. I was actually getting better sleep in my office chair. Hence, the reason we decided to get a new mattress like the one we had for 17 years. We have now slept on this new mattress for a week, and I can tell you that during that time, I have not moved while sleeping. The quality of the product is excellent and the softness and support a sheer joy. This product is everything we expected and just as advertised. I originally gave this company a low score and must confess it was out of frustration only. I really need to apologize for that and need to move them to a resounding 5 stars.

This mattress was well worth the wait and I just don't know how anyone cannot consider getting a bed from this company. I can tell you, from having one of these beds from their competitor, it is the same bed. If you are looking for a real value, longevity and customer support, do not hesitate to order one. You won't regret it.

Ray - Wooster, OH

"...thank you...everyone at Personal Comfort for a fantastic bed..."

I wanted to thank you (Courtney) and everyone at Personal Comfort for a fantastic bed, that is better and cheaper then the sleep number i10 we were looking at. Sleep number seems like they are just out there for the money and their product looks very inferior to yours. I'm glad my wife found your site on the web and told me to check it out.

Thank you so much and please have a wonderful day!

Brent - McChord, WA

"...I don't want to get out of bed in the morning."

I just wanted to tell you that this mattress is the best I have ever had in my life (and I'm 62)! It's so comfortable I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. After having such bad luck with one mattress after another, it is a joy to finally have found the perfect one. Thanks for making such a great product.

Mary - Colton, CA

"We recommend the Personal Comfort bed company."

My husband likes a soft mattress, I like a super firm mattress. Initially, we compromised and found a king mattress that we thought we could adjust to. After 7 years, and constant visits to the chiropractor, I said I had enough, I need a new bed. We shopped around and thought we may have to purchase 2 twin beds. Then we searched online and found listings for air beds. The personal comfort site offered the greatest selection with the best prices. We purchased the online edition and, finally, sleep soundly every night. No stiffness, aches, or pains in the morning, and no more visits to the chiropractor. Service was quick, the instructions were clear making set up easy, and I like that you can replace/upgrade parts of the bed. We had a tear in the mattress cover when it arrived, it was replaced immediately at no charge. We recommend the Personal Comfort bed company. They offer a great selection at unbeatable prices, and customer service is terrific!

AJ - Florida

"...Haven't slept that good in 15 years."

Received our new mattress yesterday, Margaret with extreme Osteo arthritis slept 10 hours in a bed and could walk without aide when she woke!! I slept for 13 hours and never even made a bathroom trip in the night, Haven't slept that good in 15 years. Going to throw my boxes away today!!!

Margaret and Tim - Chattanooga, TN

"Love the mattress..."

Just wanted to say thanks for a great bed the Mrs. and I love it, we have had the bed now for about 4 months and just can't say enough good things about it. I used to wake up 3-4 times a night with the regular mattress we had just bought but now with the new Personal Comfort mattress I sleep through till the morning its so comfortable you don’t want to get out of it. Love the mattress and just can't thank you guys enough, I was somewhat skeptical but 120 day money back guarantee sold me and the mattress did the rest.

Kevin - Claysville, PA

"The bed is awesome!"

What can I say? The bed is awesome! I have my side set on 20 and my wife has her s set on 40. Every morning we get up my wife says “Thank God for that bed” we are very happy with it. And my wife said that if you ever wanted to shoot a commercial she would be happy to do it.

We are going to have new carpet put in the bedroom shortly so I'm going to have to take the bed apart again but that should be no problem as it was no problem putting it together to begin with. I'm sure glad I found your website! It is made a big difference in our lives.

Joe - Kingsdown, GA

" purchase we have made in a long time."

My wife & I really enjoy our new Personal Comfort king sized bed. For the first time in two years I have slept almost thru the night. Only needed to get up one time for a bathroom break. We both have stenosis of the spine and arthritis of the spine. It was no trouble at all to find a favorable sleep setting. I had only been able to stay in our old conventional bed for about 45 minutes, then would end up on the couch or trying to sleep in a reclining chair. Never felt really felt rested or refreshed when getting up in the morning. The first morning, I felt as if I could go all day. Just like a shot of one of those energy drinks. So far best purchase we have made in a long time.

Don and Roxie - Mifflinburg, PA

"The Personal Comfort bed has helped me return to a more normal life with less daily pain and a more active lifestyle."

I am very satisfied with my Personal Comfort bed. I suffer from a serious spin problem that has a very negative affect on my ability to get a good night's sleep. With my old, conventional mattress, which is a very good quality name-brand, I continued to suffer from the symptoms of my condition which are to wake up in the middle of the night with serious pain in my legs and numbness and tingling in my feet. These problems are the result of too much concentrated pressure in the small of of my back which causes nerve-root compression. After trying a number of different conventional mattresses, I decided to try the famous brand that is constantly being advertised on TV. But, I was concerned by the rather high price I saw. Doing a search on the web, I found the Personal Comfort bed. After reading all the material on the Personal Comfort website, I felt fairly comfortable that the I Personal Comfort mattress was ever bit as good as the big name advertised on TV.

I ordered a queen-sized Personal Comfort bed and looked forward to its arrival. A few days later the FedEx truck arrived and dropped off two big boxes. Assembly and setup of the Personal Comfort bed was very straight-forward and simple. Once the air chambers completing filling and the mattress case was zipped, I laid down on it for the first time. I could immediately tell that the way the mattress supported me was very different than the old, conventional mattress.

When I went to bed that night, I took the time to adjust the air pressure down a little. Over the next few nights, I continued to try different levels. After a week, I was amazed to find that a significant part of my back pain was gone; especially the numbness and tingling in my feet.

I've been to 5 different doctors and spent close to $10,000 trying to find a solution to my back problems. Admittedly, there is no simple medical solution to a spine ravaged by arthritis (spinal stenosis) and a lifetime of complex injuries. But, the relief I have realized from changing to a Personal Comfort bed is priceless. I now sleep more deeply, more comfortably and for more hours. The Personal Comfort bed has helped me return to a more normal life with less daily pain and a more active lifestyle.

The principle on which the Personal Comfort bed works is amazingly simple. A conventional mattress typically develops valleys where your body's heaviest points make contact. These valleys fail to support your body at its most critical points, and in my case, force my sleeping position to put significant pressure on my lower spin resulting in nerve root compression, leg pain, tingling and numbness in my feet. The Personal Comfort bed, with its air support system, does not change over time. It provides even and adjustable support that is a completely different experience than a conventional mattress.

Its difficult to describe the differences between a conventional mattress and a Personal Comfort mattress. It's something that must be experienced. I think the differences are, in fact, Personal. But, without a doubt, the support provided by the Personal Comfort mattress is very superior and makes a substantial difference in my daily life.

Doug - Clark, CO

"...we decided to go with personal comfort, we are so happy we did!"

We went back and forth with deciding if we should have gotten a sleep number bed or a personal comfort bed. We went to the sleep number store but were put off by the prices. After much debate we decided to go with personal comfort, we are so happy we did! We saved so much money and the bed is just as comfortable as the one we tried with Sleep Number. The bed shipped really fast and was easy to put together. I noticed the difference after our first night sleep! My husband prefers firm beds while I like a plush mattress, now we have the best of both worlds! Thanks Personal Comfort!

Christina - Lake In The Hills, IL

"We love our new bed!"

We love our new bed! We have had it for a couple of weeks now. We had a sleep number bed before we moved to Hawaii and were actually shopping for another sleep number when we came across your website. We found that we could order a much nicer model for less money than we could a sleep number so thought we'd give it a try. We couldn't be more pleased or satisfied with it. I highly recommend it to anyone. The quality is every bit as good as the sleep number but because we were able to get a nicer model for our money even more comfortable!!

Also, sometimes having things delivered to Hawaii can take time. The bed arrived in less than a week. Everything went smoothly.

Jody J. - Kapolei, HI

"I am enjoying every night I go to bed."

Thanks for the follow up. I can only say I never dreamed I could be so happy with a bed, I am enjoying every night I go to bed. This is the best and the price is right. Thank you Personal Comfort for my personal comfort.

Josey V. - CA

"...I WILL be HIGHLY recommending your product."

I received my a8 mattress last night. My wife and I put it together and were excited, but leery, about how comfortable this bed would be, having purchased online before ever testing. Only having one sleep under my belt, I must say, we love it! We bought the king size bed so it has two air chambers. Even though it slept great, one of the air chambers kept losing air throughout the night. I called Personal Comfort first thing this morning to address my concern. They did just that! I had the privilege of speaking with an extremely professional woman by the name of Shauna, who quickly diagnosed my problem. There seemed to be a leak in the air chamber. She immediately ordered the part, no hassle whatsoever.

Even though I received a faulty air chamber, I believe this is the exception, not the rule….reason being, you can simply “feel” the quality in each part. I can’t wait to get the new air chamber!

Thank you, Personal Comfort, and I WILL be HIGHLY recommending your product. A company that so quickly stands behind their product is a rarity these days. It is much appreciated!!!

Scott D. - Brandon, MS

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