We’re Personal Comfort, because we believe great sleep is very personal.

We’re dedicated to perfecting the art of sleep and we are obsessed with the question: What is comfort?

After years of asking, testing, and inventing we have come to a simple conclusion: no one knows, until they feel it. Mattress stores have 40+ options on their showroom floor because comfort is personal!

That is why we make one type of bed: adjustable support, for ideal comfort.


Smart Beds for Better Sleep, Relationships, & Lives.

More than ¾ of Americans share the bed with someone. But 1 in 4 regularly sleeps in a separate space from their partner. We envision a world where couples don’t need to sleep separately in order to get their best night’s sleep.

That is why we’re dedicated to perfecting the art of sleep and the pursuit of Personal Comfort.

Rest assured, your best sleep awaits.

Smarter sleep starts now with fast free shipping

All our mattresses ship for free. Mattresses ship directly from our warehouse facilities, and most mattresses often arrive in 7 to 10 business days.

Rest easy with a 25 year warranty

Our warranty is unmatched - We back the Personal Comfort bed with a 25-year limited warranty, which includes replacement coverage for up to 5 full years.

Sleep soundly with a risk free 120-night home trial

You have a full 4 months to decide if you love our mattress, in the personal comfort of your own bedroom. If you don’t love it, just call and request a return.

A lifetime of sleep with easy replacable components

Unlike other smart beds, most parts of the Personal Comfort bed are designed to be replaceable. If one day you need a new top cover for your mattress, just order one and zip it on.


A family business with an innovative approach to an outdated industry.

Personal Comfort was launched in 2012, but our manufacturing team has been building adjustable firmness beds since 1972 when they attached a dial indicator to an air chamber to create the first true “smart bed.”


Built to last, so we sleep better too.

A 25 Year warranty means we care about the quality of the components in every bed we build.

Where some companies settle for “good enough,” we build Personal Comfort better than it needs to be.

We’re certain you won’t find a better value on a better smart bed, anywhere.

Because we know that sleep is personal.

We get it, just because you share your bed doesn’t mean you share your sleeping preferences

A better-built smart bed.

We’re driven by a commitment to quality and offer smart features that have proven themselves over time—such as true dual adjustability, environmentally conscious Ultra Flex chambers, interchangeable components, and temperature balancing comfort layers.

You’ll sleep better—for years.

Once you discover the incredible comfort and flexibility of a Personal Comfort smart bed, you will never again want to sleep on an ordinary mattress. Because you can easily adjust the firmness, it provides perfect comfort and support long after ordinary beds have sagged into pits of back pain and misery.

Your partner will sleep better, too.

We know you shouldn’t have to compromise on sleep, which makes Personal Comfort the perfect bed for couples. It lets two people find perfect comfort—their own Personal Comfort zone—in a single bed. No more testing 10 different beds to “meet in the middle” on with your partner.

Sleep soundly knowing you’ve finally found the perfect mattress

Temperature Balancing

We are proud to use only the highest quality temperature balancing Certi-PUR certified comfort layers to deliver plush, indulgent comfort for warm, cool, and just-right sleepers.

Dual Adjustability

Adjustable support means you can get exactly the comfort you want because the support you need is just a buttons press away.

We believe everyone deserves a. smarter bed for better sleep.

As Adjustable As You Want

Every Personal Comfort Bed is built with adjustable support inside the bed. Add a Power Base for adjustable elevation to take comfort to the next level.

Just see what thousands of PC customers have to say.

“This is the second bed I’ve bought from them. This is the best bed especially if you have back issues.”

Marilyn - Personal Comfort Rejuvenate Smart Bed

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Personal Comfort compare to Sleep Number?

Personal Comfort Beds function very similarly to Sleep Number but offer some distinct benefits. 

  1. Personal Comfort offers true dual adjustability with completely independent air chambers 
  2. Personal Comfort offers 45 Comfort Settings, compared to Sleep Number’s 20 
  3. Personal Comfort sells exclusively online, and saves you money


Does Personal Comfort mattresses sleep hot or cold?

We have designed both the Rego and Rejuvenate with top of the line temperature balancing technology.  The Rejuvenate is designed with more cooling features in mind: the Copper Gel comfort layer is 2X more effective at cooling than a comparable uncoated visco comfort layer, and the top cover has a phase change cooling technology.  

The Rego includes some temperature-balancing technology as well, with the gel and air flow comfort layers working together to ensure a comfortable and restful night.

What is the difference of flex-head and split mattresses?

Flex-Heads have a 32” split at the head for the bed for independent elevation control when paired with a power base

Split configurations are available on King and Cal King sizes, and are two independent mattresses side by side, utilizing 1 air control unit.

Flex-Heads, Split, and Standard Personal Comfort beds all offer true dual adjustability.

What kind of furniture does Personal Comfort work with? Will my existing bed frame work?

Personal Comfort Beds work with any flat, sturdy surface. If your furniture has slatted support, just make sure that the gaps are not larger than 3.5”.  Take note that the air control unit will need to sit under the bed and will need to be plugged into an outlet.