We Only Do Adjustable Firmness

45 Firmness Settings allows one mattress to be ultra soft on one side, and firm on the other.

The Highest Rated Adjustable Firmness Mattress Online

Over 2,000 Five Star Reviews, now exclusively direct to consumer online.

Try out the bed in your home for 120 nights risk free. If you don't love it, you can return it for a full refund, no problem.

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We’ve got your back - or side, or stomach.

Comfort delivered, sleep simplified

Your Personal Comfort mattress will come shipped right to your front door, and set up is easy. Just unwrap, unroll, and plug in.

No compromises needed for any & every sleeper

Indulgent Comfort layers balance temperature and adjustable support allows every sleeper to find their own Personal Comfort. Every night.

Get that new bed feeling every night

With 45 support settings on each side, and infinite adjustments on a Power-Flex base, you can customize your comfort for any activity. (Especially for sleep)

Still not getting your best ZZZs?

No problem! With our 120 night risk free trial, you can try out Personal Comfort without any worries. If you don’t love the mattress, we’ll take it back free of charge.

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Meet the smart beds

The Rego
$500 OFF

The Rego

Starting at



Financing as low as $56/month. Prequalify now.

11” height with adjustable support and plush comfort layers

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The Rejuvenate
$1,000 OFF

The Rejuvenate

Starting at



Financing as low as $71/month. Prequalify now.

13” height with cooling top cover, dynamic support comfort layers, and 45 support settings

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Adjustable Firmness

Every Personal Comfort Mattress provides adjustable firmness with 45 precise settings to easily adjust between

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Adjustable Elevation

Add a power base to raise the head or foot of your bed, or even enjoy a massage.

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dual adjustability

Get Comfy 100% Your Way

Truly independent adjustable firmness means your side of the bed can be as soft as firm as you would like without impacting your partner's side.

45 Support Settings available for comfort without compromise.


It's All In The Details

We are committed to quality and ensure that we use only the highest quality components

  • Fiberglass Free
  • CertiPUR-US certified Comfort Layers 
  • Premium Quick Connects
  • Power-Base Optimized

3 Steps to Better Sleep

When you receive your Personal Comfort mattress, you can have it set up in three easy steps.

1.    Remove the packing and unroll the mattress

2.    Plug the Control Unit into power and then connect the hoses

3.    Find Your Personal Comfort & Enjoy!

See what our customers have to say

"We have had our bed for several years and now, and love it. The one issue with the bed is it ruins your sleeping when you travel because you compare every bed to your bed at home."


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Top Questions

What is a "Smart Bed"?

To us, a Smart Bed is anything more advanced than a static support surface. A bed that you can adjust at the push of a button to better suit your comfort and support needs is a Smart Bed.  

Humans have been making beds for themselves since…pretty much forever. The technology that you see in most “traditional beds” you see today with combinations of coils, foam, and fibers has been used for at least a couple hundred years. The technology in our beds was patented in this century.

How does Personal Comfort Compare to Sleep Number?

Personal Comfort Beds are very similar to Some of Sleep Number’s Beds, the Rejuvenate compares well to their i10 and the Rego compares well to their p6.

Personal Comfort Beds offer some distinct benefits. 

  1. Personal Comfort Beds offer true dual adjustability with two completely independent support systems. Sleep Number® beds use two support chambers that are zippered together, which transfers motion and limits the range of adjustability.
  2. Personal Comfort offers 45 Comfort Settings, compared to Sleep Number’s 20 
  3. Personal Comfort sells exclusively online, and saves you money 

Personal Comfort is not affiliated with Sleep Number corporation and does not sell Sleep Number® products.

How does the 120-Night Free-Trial work?

Try out Personal Comfort at home for 120 nights completely risk free. When you purchase a Personal Comfort Bed, if you do not love the mattress, you can return the bed and get a complete refund in the first 120 nights.

How Does Adjustable Support Work?

Our patented adjustable support system uses precisely controlled air pressure to offer 45 levels of support under indulgent comfort layers. By simply pressing up or down on your remote or app, you can increase or decrease the firmness of your bed, ensuring that you always get your ideal level of comfort.

Did Something Change?

Personal Comfort was launched in 2012 with a vision to build
a better smart bed and to sell it at a better price. While a lot has changed since then, we are
still focused on delivering better sleep at a better value, and are going to
stay true to that loonnngg into the future. After all, we have 25 year
warranties to honor.

What has changed?

  1. We lowered prices
  2. We Streamlined the product offering
  3. We pulled Personal Comfort out of Brick and Mortar retail


We started by taking a look at who we wanted to be when we
launched and then reflecting ?on whether we had stayed true to that

 After talking to customers, partners, and friends we
determined that we needed to get back to basics and focus on our core value proposition: delivering a better smart bed at a better price, and making sure that the purchase, delivery, and set up process were are easy as possible. 

Buying a mattress is confusing enough, there a zillion choices and it is hard to know if you are going to love anything that you buy online so we are striving to make that process easier every day by.