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Adjustable Bed Closeout Sale + 60% Off Special Edition Bed

Take $1,500 off A8 Mattress + Free Delivery + 36/mo 0% Financing*

Adjustable Bed Closeout Sale + 60% Off Special Edition

Take $1,500 off A8 Mattress + Free Delivery + 36/mo at 0% financing*

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The Perfect Bed for Couples

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Featured: Personal Comfort Flex-HeadTM R13 Mattress with Power-FlexTM 4 Adjustable Base

This Is Personal Comfort, Elevated

  • Personalized Comfort
  • Personalized Support
  • Personalized Position

Sleep Smart with a Flex-Head™



With Personal Comfort, Sleepers Report

90% Improved Sleep 88.9% Reduced Back Pain 16% Faster Time to Fall Asleep 24% Less Fragmented Sleep 46% Improvement in Morning Pain

Current Special Promotions

60% Off Special Edition

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$1,700 Off Legacy Adjustable Bed

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$1,500 Off A8 Mattress

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Great Customer Service!

Russell was very responsive and patient with all of our many questions. He made sure we fully understood everything and didn’t try to rush us on a decision.

Robert Roper, 1 day ago

Great experience!!

Russell what very knowledgeable. Helped me to choose the right mattress. He knew all the pricing options for what I told him I could spend. Made this a great experience.

Lucy Oglesbee, 2 days ago

Jordan K: Wonderful Experience

Jordan K was amazing. He was able to answer my multitude of questions. Made it extremely easy to continue my purchase with personal comfort.

Wesley Brammier, 5 days ago

Personal Comfort vs Sleep Number

Who builds a better number bed? You be the judge. Click to watch Scott’s side-by-side comparison.

Priced Lower

There are no "middleman" markups on our products. By not owning stores, we save on overhead, and we pass those savings on to our customers.

Built Better

Where Sleep Number goes “good enough,” we go quality: reversible seasonal top covers (a patented innovation), big-tooth zippers, dual remote controls, and more.

Shipped Free-er

Shipping is always free at Personal Comfort. Sleep Number often charges. Return shipping is also free on most models—so our risk-free trial is truly risk-free.

Backed Longer

We offer a 25-year limited warranty with 5 years of full coverage—three more years of full coverage than Sleep Number.




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Save up to 60%
The Last Bed You Will Ever Buy
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Save up to 60%
The Last Bed You Will Ever Buy
Call 1-888-694-4088