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Personal Comfort Owner's Manual

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Personal Comfort - Owner's Manual - 487KB PDF

Welcome to the family of restful and happy Personal Comfort™ bed owners. You can rest assured that you’ve made a wise investment with the Personal Comfort™ bed. Your new smart bed is a blend of state-of-the-art technology and high quality workmanship. As the Personal Comfort™ family of customers continues to grow every day, we’re thrilled to have you join the thousands of happy owners and lifetime members of our referral rewards program.

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Click here to be redirected to our assembly instructions page. You will find product assembly videos to help you with the setup of your new smart bed.

Legacy Mattress - Owner's Manual

Classic Series (Legacy)

A2/A3 Owner's Manual - 1.2MB PDF
A2/A3 Owner's Manual - 1.2MB PDF

Advanced Series (Legacy)

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Elegance Series (Legacy)

A7/A8/A10 Instructions - 1.4MB PDF

Hybrid Series (Legacy)

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Rejuvenation Series (Legacy)

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Power-Flex™ 2

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Power-Flex™ 3

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Power-Flex™ 4

Power-Flex™ 4 Owner's Manual - 1.6MB PDF