Adjustable Firmness

Being able to adjust the firmness of your mattress means you get exactly the support and comfort you deserve, and so does your partner.

It's no secret, it's air

45 Comfort Settings (Vs Their 20)

Just like the big guys you see on TV, we allow you to adjust firmness on both sides of the bed at the touch of a button. And we don't charge more for the button. At least 1 wireless remote is included with every mattress.

What makes us different?

True Dual Adjustability

The air control unit precisely controls the firmness in two completely independent air chambers. That means if one side prefers ultra-soft and one side prefers ultra-firm, they do not interfere with the other, they adjust truly independently.

welcome to your best sleep

The sleep formula for our smart bed

Customized for your exact comfort preferences

With over 100 configurations of our smart bed + base*, you can customize your sleep throughout Copper Infused Energex™

Fall Asleep 16% Faster and Sleep 38% Deeper

Adjustable firmness is about how ideal support can create better sleep and better lives

Designed to help you stay alseep

Hot, cold, soft, or firm, our smart beds ensure you get great night of rejuvenating sleep

Smart sleep starts here

adjustable firmness

Control the firmness, create your comfort

With 45 firmness settings for each side, you are guaranteed to find a comfortable setting without having to compromise

Adjustable Elevation

Add A Power Flex base to raise the head or foot

Comfortably read or watch TV in bed, or silence a partner's snores at the touch of button with the snore setting.


Don't Compromise on Comfort

Personal Comfort mattresses allow you to customize your side of the bed to how you like it. And your partner can too.

How it works

Your smart sleep system

Personalized Zones

When you order a Queen, King or California King-sized Personal Comfort each person will have the ability to individually personalize their side of the mattress to their desired level of support. The 2-Zone technology consists of a left and right zone within the mattress.

Wireless Technology

Every Personal Comfort smart bed comes standard with our fully digital state-of-the-art pump system with built-in Bluetooth to allow smartphone connectivity to the mattress. You can connect using your smartphone device and/or by wireless controller.


“This is the second bed I’ve bought from them. This is the best bed especially if you have back issues.”


Rest easy with every mattress purchase

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True dual

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Personal Comfort beds make adjustments on their own?

Personal Comfort Beds have 45 levels of firmness that you control through the wireless remote or the free App.  Our beds will not turn on or make noise in the middle of the night for two simple reasons:

·   Comfort is Personal, and you know comfort better than any algorithm

·   A.I.R. Air Is Responsive: Other companies like to talk about the complex processes that their computers go through.  All of our mattresses rely on physics and elegant design for ideal support and adjustability.  Put simply, air is responsive by its very nature.  When you roll from your back to your side, the concentration of pressure changes, and the air in the support layer redistributes to equally distribute the load naturally.

Do all Personal Comfort Beds adjust on each side? 

Yes! With the exception of Twin XL’s (which are designed for single sleepers) all mattress sizes provide individual adjustable support on each side

Do I need a power base if I get the FlexHead? 

Yes, in order to enjoy the benefits of the FlexHead, you will need a power base in order to raise and lower the head of the bed individually.  

Do Personal Comfort beds include sleep tracking?

Personal Comfort does not include sleep tracking as an integrated feature of our mattresses. In order to provide insights into your sleep performance, you have to grant permission to monitor what goes on in the bed, and to report that information to external servers and systems.  We like to keep what happens in bed private. 

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