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R13 Smart Bed Bundle

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R13 Smart Bed
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This is the ultra-luxury bed for those who sleep hot or cold—and for couples who do both at the same time. It combines temperature-neutralizing material with Copper-Infused Energex™ for consistently perfect comfort, night after night.

Power-Flex 4
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Ability to adjust head, foot, pillow and lumbar sections. Also includes full body massage with different modes. Include presets for Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore and Flat.

Gelled Microfiber Pillows
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The Gelled Microfiber pillow can be molded to your ideal comfort level. It's soft, consistent filling does not shift or clump.

Mattress Protector
Cooling Protector
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The cooling fibers that make up the protector creates an instant cooling effect to help manage temperature as you fall asleep.

Premium Bamboo Sheets
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70% Viscose from bamboo & 30% extra long staple cotton. Includes an extra-large top sheet, a patented self-tailoring fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Patented construction that's guaranteed to stay on.

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How does the Rejuvenation Series Smart Bed help you sleep better and awake refreshed?

  • Total Comfort Layers: 7″
  • 45 Total Comfort Settings Per Side
  • Includes 2 Wireless Remote Controls
  • Temperature Neutralizing Cover with a 3″ Copper-Infused Energex™ comfort layer